grammarNOW! Language humor: In the future, we’ll be ‘iconic’ for 15 minutes | A. Barton Hinkle

In the future, we’ll be ‘iconic’ for 15 minutes | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Just ponder this one paragraph in the article by a very literate, and funny, writer:

Interestingly, the indiscriminate use of “iconic” coincides with the profusion of computer icons, emoticons, and so forth. Perhaps those ideograms may be changing the language at a level we’re not entirely aware of — turning English into an amalgam of the alphabetic and the logographic, the result of which could be a debasement of words, an elevation of graphemes, a diminution of our ability to use abstractions with precision, and a consequent epistemological degeneracy.

Hinkle is only half serious here, and there are laugh-out-loud moments later in the article. Wonderful insights on an overused word.

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